We would like to Welcome YOU and your family to OUR Website and hopefully to OUR CHURCH.....


Groves Memorial Presbyterian Church had it's humble beginnings in 1885 as a Sabbath School in Saddler's Neck, in Gloucester County not far from our present location. 

The church moved to the present site in 1903 after the construction of a new wood framed building.  Services were conducted in the original wood structure up until 1968 when it was replaced by the present building.


What YOU can expect at OUR Worship Service...

Our worship service is along traditional lines following an Order of Worship which is outlined in our Sunday Bulletin.

The Pastor usually wears a robe, delivers the message, our choir sings an anthem and we also have our "Informal Moments" during which the members of the Congregation may pick two hymns.

We love to sing, laugh and enjoy worshipping our Lord and Savior.

 When you enter, one of our Greeters will present you with a Bulletin for today's service.  Here you will find the order of Worship, and happenings for the coming week and other such information.

You can be assured that when a new face is spotted, someone will come over and greet you quickly.

Pews are not reserved, so please feel free to have a seat anywhere.

Our Pastors sermon's are down to earth and touch us right where we're at in our lives today.

Oh, I almost forgot!  Our Adult Sunday School class meets at 9:00 a.m. in Class Room 5, in the Fellowship Hall. This is located to your right as you enter the main front door, down the short hall, to the left and there you are in the Fellowship Hall. And room 5 is just a few steps to your right. 

We also have our children's program.  Starting with the Children's Sermon early in the Worship Service, the  Children are asked to come up to the front and join our leader in a short message.  Afterwards, they may go to the Children's Sunday School gathering.

If you have any questions, you may leave a message on either our "Contact Us" page on the web site, or call us at 804-642-9698. If no answer, just leave a message. Someone will get back to in a short time.


Have a great day and We look forward to the opportunity to welcome You and Your family to our services.


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